Testimonial - Gay Culp

Mammogram finds cancer early

Niagara resident Gay Culp credits a purse cleaning with leading to a lifesaving mammogram. It was 2005 and Gay was due for a routine mammogram. But life got busy, and the booking information ended up lost in the bottom of her very full purse.

“After a couple of months I decided to clean out my purse and found the information,” said Gay, who had completely forgotten that she was due for screening.

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Clan Mother encourages cancer screening as part of a healthy lifestyle

(HAMILTON, ON) — Haudenosaunee Confederacy Clan Mother Kathy Smoke is looking forward to many more years of enjoying her children, grandchildren and large circle of family and friends. That’s why she’s so grateful to have undergone a lifesaving mammogram just over one year ago that detected breast cancer in its early stages.

“You might be thinking, `Oh no. Not me. I won’t get cancer,’” said Kathy, a guest speaker recently at the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre where she was promoting cancer screening. “It’s important to get checked, just to be sure.”

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Testimonial - Kathy Smoke
Testimonial - Mimma and Bonnie

Hamilton friends encourage routine mammograms to fight breast cancer

If Hamilton resident Mimma Musitano could turn back time, she’d return to the year she turned 50 and start breast screening as part of her routine medical care through the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP).

“I didn’t think I needed a mammogram because I felt healthy and didn’t have a family history of breast cancer,” said Mimma, 59, who discovered a large mass in her left breast two years ago.

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