Meet our team

The Screen for Life Mobile Coach Team is made up of female health care professionals who are passionate about cancer screening and working with people.

On the Coach we have a team of three people; the receptionist, a nurse and a mammogram technologist. The receptionist will register each patient by getting their health card information, address, telephone number and their healthcare provider’s name if the client has one. The client will then see the nurse who will complete a Cancer Risk Assessment by asking some health-related questions. Once this is done the nurse will let the client know which screenings they are eligible for and ask them if they would like to have them done.

The nurse will do the cervical screening if it is needed and provide eligible clients with an easy-to-use, take-home FOBT kit to screen for signs of colorectal cancer. The mammogram technologist will perform breast screening if the patient chooses.

The Coach team works closely with community organizations where the Coach visits to promote cancer screening. They also visit healthcare providers’ offices to ensure that they know about the Coach’s services. The Coach team also loves to engage the community and become involved in community groups to educate everyone about the importance of cancer screening.

Screen for Life Coach Schedule