A teaching tool for the Screening Activity Report

Are you curious about using the Screening Activity Report (SAR) in your practice? One of the challenges of learning how to use the Screening Activity Report (SAR) is that all the reports contain private personal health information. To overcome this barrier, we created a teaching tool that has the look and feel of the SAR but without any identifiable patient data. Use this tool along with our How to guide to help your team utilize the SAR with your patient data and discover its valuable functions such as: 

  1. Bring your EMR up to date and keep it up to date
  2. Find screen-positive patients who have been lost to follow-up
  3. Find patients who are due for screening
  4.  Find screening data for new rostered patients
  5. Review screening rates and compare with region and province

Let’s all stay healthy!

Dr. Meghan Davis, B. Eng. MD FCFP

Primary Care Lead, HNHB Regional Cancer program