Cancer Screening in a busy family practice – EMR optimization

One of my favourite family physician writers is Dr. G. Michael Allen. I listen to his podcasts (Therapeutics Education Collaborative) regularly. Recently he wrote an article for the College of Family Physicians of Canada Journal where he says, “We are overwhelmed with recommendations. If we were to follow guidelines, it would take 18 hours a day for a family physician to manage chronic disease and provide preventive care.”

With so many competing demands for our time how can we consistently get our patients screened for cancer? Part of the answer lies in optimal use of our EMRs, so that when we sit with patients, we know exactly what screening they are due for and can perform searches to invite patients to get screened.

CCO has put together an e-learning module for EMR optimization for Practice Solutions and Accuro

Although I use OSCAR as my EMR, I had a look at these modules and wanted to share the worksheets in them. No matter what EMR you use, these sheets will guide you and your staff step-by-step to using your EMR optimally for cancer screening.  There are five modules that will ensure Data Discipline and Standardization so when you sit down with any patient or do a search, it will take less time and be more accurate. Check them out!