Cancer Screening Videos for your Waiting Room TV

“The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video.”
–Gary Vaynerchuck, bestselling author, speaker and internationally recognized Internet personality.

Do you have a TV screen in your waiting room?  Would you like to use it to increase your patients’ participation in cancer screening?
The Hamilton Family Health Team in collaboration with the Regional Cancer Program made three short videos promoting the Ontario Breast Screening Program, Ontario Cervical Screening Program and ColonCancerCheck. These  videos are ideal for patients to watch while waiting for an appointment.
Videos are designed to be:
• Appealing (everyone has a birthday!)
• Fun (animated)
• Trustworthy (from your Regional Primary Care Lead)
• Short (<2 min each to keep attention and end before the patient’s appointment)
• Friendly (to help take the fear out of the topic of cancer)
• Effective with or without sound, as many of us turn off TV volume in our waiting rooms.

Download videos here:
Ontario Breast Screening Program
Ontario Cervical Screening Program