CCO Website Redesign

The newly-designed CCO website was launched last November. Below are links to key cancer screening web pages relevant to primary care providers:

• Information on all of the organized cancer screening programs can be found here

• Information regarding the Screening Activity Report (SAR) can be found here

• Online accredited e-learning modules for cancer screening, EMR optimization and the SAR are available at

• To learn more about and enrol in CCO’s Physician Linked Correspondence Program: click here

• Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) toolkit for cancer screening, click here

Cervical Cancer Screening:
• Ontario cervical screening guidelines summary: click here

• Recommendations for follow-up of abnormal cytology: click here

Breast Cancer Screening:
• Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) guidelines summary, click here

• OBSP Requisition for High Risk Screening form, click here

Colorectal Cancer Screening and FIT:
• Colorectal cancer screening recommendations summary:

• FIT frequently asked questions for primary care providers: click here