Cervical Screening Catch-up

If your practice is anything like mine, in the early days of the pandemic, you were not providing a lot of Pap tests. In fact, we were officially advised to scale back on all non-emergent care. So, we did! And now there is a backlog of over 53,000 people overdue for cervical screening in the region as of August 2021.

What can we primary care providers do to catch up?

The Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Regional Cancer Program has developed a comprehensive Pap Resource Kit to assist us. In my own office, we have been holding Pap days on Saturdays staffed by non-physicians that have been very successful. This resource kit has tips from our clinic’s experience and includes:

    • How to train Pap providers
    • How to identify eligible patients in your practice using your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Screening Activity Report (SAR)
    • Practical checklists and suggestions for planning the flow of a Blitz Pap clinic
    • Sample communications that can help us engage patients
    • Revised provincial guidelines for cervical screening and follow-up pathways

Please feel free to email me, your Regional Primary Care Lead, Dr. Meghan Davis (dr.meghan.davis@gmail.com) if you have any questions or concerns.


Dr. Meghan Davis
Regional Primary Care Lead
HNHB Region