Primary Care Cancer Screening COVID-19 Recovery Checklist

Over the last two years, primary care providers and diagnostic assessment partners were advised to scale back on non-urgent/non-emergent care, including cancer screening and follow-up, in response to the pressures of COVID-19 on the healthcare system. Many patients have also been hesitant to visit healthcare facilities. These two factors have led to cancellations and deferrals by both patients and providers for cancer screening and diagnostic services, contributing to a significant backlog of people in the HNHB region who are due or overdue for cancer screening and follow-up of abnormal tests

The Primary Care Cancer Screening COVID-19 Recovery Checklist summarizes 10 tools that we have compiled to help address the backlog of routine cancer screening and ensure that all patients who have had an abnormal test complete the appropriate follow-up. As always, you can contact me via email at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of this kit.


Dr. Meghan Davis, B. Eng. MD FCFP
Primary Care Lead, HNHB Regional Cancer program