eConsults with Our Local Cancer Screening Leads

Have questions about how to follow-up on a patient’s mammogram or when their next one should be?

Need information on when to refer a patient for a colposcopy, or when their next Pap test should be when discharged?

Wondering if and when a patient should be screened with a colonoscopy or FIT following their initial colonoscopy?

An eConsult with your local cancer screening lead can help you to easily find the answers to these questions. I have been seeking their advice for patient-specific questions I have related to cancer screening, and I have found e-consults to be very helpful and wanted to share this tip with other providers.

eConsult sign-up and information can be found here:

For questions related to breast screening, ask radiologist Dr. Meredith Lynch, our Regional Radiology Lead for the Ontario Breast Screening Program

For questions related to cervical screening, ask gynecologist Dr. Dustin Costescu, our Regional Colposcopy/Cervical Lead for the Ontario Cervical Screening Program

For questions related to colorectal screening, ask gastroenterologist Dr. Barry Lumb, our Regional Endoscopy Lead for ColonCancerCheck

These cancer screening experts are all on eConsult and available to primary care.


Dr. Meghan Davis
Regional Primary Care Lead
HNHB Region