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Cancer screening reduces the environmental emissions of health care

Cancer screening improves health through disease prevention/early detection and less intensive treatments. This also combats climate change by decreasing the intensity of care required and therefore reduces the carbon footprint […]

Less rejected FIT requisitions 

Good News! Have you noticed a recent increase in the number of requisition rejections for FIT? I have. Well, this good news should reduce that problem. Ontario Health and LifeLabs […]

Primary Care Cancer Screening COVID-19 Recovery Checklist

Over the last two years, primary care providers and diagnostic assessment partners were advised to scale back on non-urgent/non-emergent care, including cancer screening and follow-up, in response to the pressures […]

FIT Requisitions: Digital Pathway & Patient Communication Templates

Are you finding that more and more of your FIT requisitions are being rejected after submission to LifeLabs? Are you finding that many of your requisitions expire at 6 months […]

Using Your Screening Activity Report (SAR) to Improve Cancer Screening in Primary Care

Have you wondered how to use your Screening Activity Report (SAR)*? Before I started to use this report regularly, I sure did! After a few years of using this report […]

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