Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program Referrals

For Primary Care Providers

Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program Referrals Information and Referral form can be found here:

The goal of LDAP is to support timely detection and treatment of lung cancer and to help coordinate care as close to home as possible.

Please Note: There is no longer one centralized referral.  Please choose a specific site to refer patients to. There are three sites patients can be referred to in the HNHB Region:

  • Josephs Healthcare in Hamilton
  • Niagara Health in St. Catharines
  • Brant Community Healthcare System in Brantford.

Patients should be referred to the site that is closest to their home address.

Please see this Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program Referrals Referral Memo for more details.

LDAP Referral forms:

  • In PDF
  • Telus PS Form
  • In Accuro, the revised referral form for the Lung DAP can be found in the form repository by searching for “Lung

Reasons for referral may include:

  • Diagnostic imaging suspicious of lung cancer (nodules ≥ 8 mm in size)
  • Hemoptysis in conjunction with a lung nodule or mass on imaging o Peripheral nodule or mass in smoker (nodules ≥ 8 mm in size)
  • Non-peripheral mass or nodule in smoker (nodules ≥ 8 mm in size)
  • Nodule or mass in non-smoker (nodules ≥ 8 mm in size)
  • Multiple pulmonary nodules (nodules ≥ 8 mm in size)