Inspiring videos on breast screening for your English-as-a-Second-Language patients

Looking for an easy and effective way to reach your English-as-a-Second-Language patients who are eligible for breast screening? Patient-friendly videos are available in four languages — Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin and Hindi.

In the video for Arabic-speaking women, Dina from Sudan shares how she was hesitant to have a mammogram because she heard that it was painful, but changed her mind after attending an educational workshop about cancer screening.

Hasina’s breast cancer screening story, told in Bengali, shares how she overcame her fear of breast cancer screening and now gets regular mammograms. Hasina also encourages other women to get screened. Rose shares in Mandarin how she overcame her fear of breast cancer screening and was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer through a mammogram. She has fully recovered and has regular mammograms.

Vanita’s shares in Hindi that when she came to Canada from India, one of the first medical tests she had was a mammogram. The doctor told her that if breast cancer is caught early, it is easier to treat. She gets tested regularly and encourages her friends to do the same.