Pap Day helps women stay up-to-date with cervical screening

When my nurse called patients who were overdue for their Pap tests, many said they found it difficult to book an appointment due to work. So two weeks ago we had a Pap Day on a Saturday morning, booking in 20 patients. Many were patients I had not seen for a long time and were quite overdue for their Pap test. We opened the office, placed coffee and cookies in the waiting room and posted a sign saying we would be out shortly to bring them in. Between the practise nurse and myself, we easily kept up with the flow.
Lessons learned included:
-Patients really appreciated the chance to take care of their health without taking time off work.
-Patients also appreciated that we were always on time since we were not fitting in any urgent same-day visits.
-I recommend preparing at least 4 rooms, if you have them, with speculums and gowns.
-Prepare the labels, requisitions and bags for the Paps beforehand.
-Between two health professionals, you could book every 10 min. If you were on your own, 15-20 min would be needed.