Reducing Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) Device Rejections

I am happy to share that as of December 2023, LifeLabs is now accepting unexpired FIT devices for testing if they are returned within 12 months of them being mailed to the client. Prior to this change, FIT devices returned more than 6 months after mailing would be rejected, even though many were otherwise appropriate for testing.  This change will help to reduce FIT device rejections;

  • The number of participants requiring unnecessary re-testing;
  • The risk of missed or delayed cancer detection for participants who do not re-test;
  • The added burden on PCPs to re-requisition; and
  • Unnecessary kit wastage.

Although the window to accept FIT devices for testing has increased, it is important to recognize that the shelf life of FIT devices has not been extended. It remains possible for FIT devices to expire before 12 months has passed, so we should continue to encourage their patients to complete the FIT as soon as possible.