Target Population/Service Report (TPSR)

We are approaching the September deadline for Cumulative Preventative Care Bonus submission, which is Sept. 10 for paper claims and Sept. 18 for electronic claims.

A helpful tool for this calculation for enrolled model physicians is the TPSR reports. We had received these in paper format each April but they are now digital and contained in your monthly Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer.

The TPSR – Previous Report is to assist us with submissions of bonuses for previous fiscal year and contains target population for each of the categories along with preventative services received. The second report TPSR – Projected Report is to assist us in managing preventative services for the upcoming fiscal year and contains the target population and services provided.

More details or help if you are not able to access this report, can be found here. 

To arrange to access your TPSR reports digitally please click here.

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