Thank You Niagara!

And the OSCAR goes to…..
Thank you Niagara for being warm, receptive and active participants at the March 1 Cancer Screening Workshop. Although the theme of the event was the OSCARs – with golden chocolate awards….the real winner was a concept – TEAMWORK . The hosting team included public health, the Regional Cancer Program and the HNHB Family Health Teams. The participant teams included RNs, NPs, admin and primary care providers from four different funding models – FFS, CHC, FHOs and FHO/FHT. It takes a team to provide cancer screening in primary care and this workshop reflected that in many ways.

We had a brief overview of what’s new in cancer screening and then took a deep dive into the Screening Activity Report. We then split off into different EMR groups and had a look at how to use an EMR to optimize screening including many searches. Thank you Niagara!