Updates to the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)

As of  October 16, 2023,  people with breast implants and Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary people are able to self-refer into the Ontario Breast Screening program in accordance with updated eligibility criteria.

Breast implants 

We can now begin to advise our patients with breast implants who are due or overdue for screening that they may contact OBSP sites and directly book screening appointments. Our patients  with implants that have already been screened, will start to receive correspondence from Ontario Health including invitations to be screened.

Two Spirit, trans and nonbinary people

Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary people can also now self-refer into OBSP if:

  • a person is transfeminine and has used feminizing hormones for at least five consecutive years at any time in their life; or
  • a person is transmasculine and has not had top surgery to remove breast (chest) tissue.

OBSP sites will ask participants if they meet program eligibility criteria, including whether they have had at least five years of feminizing hormone therapy, but clients will not be asked to show any documentation.

Primary care providers are important to help suggest screening as Ontario Health’s data sources  are unable to accurately identify all Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary people who are eligible for OBSP invitation letters.

Please see this excellenthttps://www.cancercareontario.ca/sites/ccocancercare/files/assets/PPCN-OCT-2023-OBSP-FAQs-Updated-Screening-Eligibility-Criteria-EN.pdf Q and A for more information  as well as this policy document https://www.cancercareontario.ca/en/guidelines-advice/types-of-cancer/61546


As a quick reminder the eligibility criteria for self-referral to OBSP  for average risk is listed below

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) recommends that most eligible women, Two-Spirit, trans and nonbinary people ages 50 to 74 get screened with mammography every 2 years. People ages 50 to 74 are eligible for screening through the OBSP if they:

  • have no new breast cancer symptoms
  • have no personal history of breast cancer
  • have not had a mastectomy
  • have not had a screening mammogram within the last 11 months
  • If transfeminine, have used feminizing hormones for at least 5 years in a row

People over age 74: can be screened within the OBSP; however, they are encouraged to make a personal decision about breast cancer screening in consultation with a primary care provider. The OBSP will not recall people over age 74 to participate in the program. To continue screening through the OBSP, a referral is required from a primary care provider.

Stay healthy!

Dr. Meghan Davis, B. Eng. MD FCFP

Primary Care Lead, HNHB Regional Cancer program