Why are my FIT Requisition being rejected? What do I do now?

Why are my FIT Requisition being rejected? What do I do now?

I have been asked this question a few times lately so I thought I would do a bit a digging.

Most of us in primary care have been able to continue offering colon cancer screening via FIT testing when providing virtual care. In fact, it is a perfect pandemic test –  during stay at home orders-  as it is completed at home.

Since the pandemic, rejections of FIT requisitions have increased.

We asked Lifelabs why and they identified the most common reasons:

  1. Fit test ordered during virtual visits have an increased risk of rejection as the patient’s address is less likely to be verified. At my office, address verification is done at check in by admin and is less likely to occur when scheduling and attending  virtual visits. To avoid FIT requisition rejections, please verify address with unit numbers and postal code – prior to submission.
  2. After 6-monthss the FIT requisition expires – just like any other requisition. I advise my oatients to complete the kit within one month of receipt.
  3. Invalid health card: OHIP numbers submitted must be valid and accurate, with an up-to-date version code.
  4. Duplicate requisitions. FIT kits re-requisitioned for the same participant before six months are rejected.

LifeLabs has implemented processes to communicate the reasons for rejection to Primary Care Physicians more quickly.

If you are resubmitting a requisition with corrected address or OHIP number, or at your patient’s request and it has been less than six months since your last req, I have found it helpful to check off the box near the top of the requisition as shown in the image below.