Would you be willing to take care of patients who have a positive FOBT and no family doctor?

As part of the ColonCancerCheck program, unattached patients can still do an FOBT test.  If this test is positive, CCO would like to have doctors direct those patients for follow-up. If you’re willing to accept (and roster) new patients to your primary care practice from this program please complete this form and send to CCO. I know most of us are currently not accepting new patients but this would likely amount to only 1 or 2 per year with a positive FOBT and no family doctor so please consider helping out.

You can remove your name from the referral list at any time by calling 1-866-662-9233. PEM docs, don’t forget to bill the Q043 code ( $150-$170). Code remuneration and details are found on page 17 of this document.